Let me draw you a picture

The first publication to trust me with a blank space on the page was a newspaper. Despite meager experience and no familiarity with newspapering, I was asked to sketch a little pen-and-ink cartoon for page one. The best I could do was a clumsy piece of art, but deadlines are deadlines, and by midnight the first edition rolled off the presses. Displayed beneath the drawing was my name in a tiny attribution line, there to assign credit—as well as blame. And so I came to understand how the space for an illustration is bound with a responsibility to fill it with something worth looking at. I have never forgotten what a privilege that is to do.
National Geographic Society
The Washington Post
USAID (through various sponsored NGOs)
Save the Children / Cambodia
Daedalus Books
National Education Association
Security Management magazine
US Postal Service / Stamps Division
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Georgetown University
National Public Radio

Won multiple awards from the Society of Newspaper design
Work included in The Society of illustrators Annual
Served as a juror for the Society of Illustrators Annual
Served as a juror for Reading Is Fundamental annual poster contest
Taught illustation at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC
Contributed over 2,000 illustrations published by The Washington Post
Produced multiple stamps for the US Postal Service